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Tips for Vacation Abroad Can Save Money

In today’s sophisticated era, vacationing abroad is not an impossible thing for everyone to do. Even holidays abroad are no longer considered luxurious and can only be done by people who are.

Maybe you think that traveling abroad is difficult because of the high costs and the process of taking care of documents that take a very long time. What’s more, if you have to go through a travel agent service to take care of all your travel needs starting from documents, booking flights, hotel rooms, and other matters that are certainly very expensive.

For those who have experience on vacation abroad of course this is something that is common, but for those who just want to vacation abroad if they imagine the process and the big costs that must be spent, of course the intention to vacation abroad will just disappear.

Well, for those of you who are on vacation for the first time, here are tips on saving money for vacationing abroad.

1. Choose a visa-free country

Visa is one of the things that costs a lot of money and takes a long time to process, moreover there are many conditions that you have to fulfill so that your destination country visa is passed. For those of you who don’t want to bother with a visa and certainly want to save money, choose a visa-free country for your vacation destination. You can take a vacation to Turkey, Morocco, Suriname, India, Tanzania, ASEAN countries, and of course there are still many more countries that release visas.

2. Hunting airline ticket promos and cheap hotels

To save even more, you can hunt airline ticket promos and hotel discounts that you can do easily via a smartphone with a variety of applications that are already available in this digital era. In addition, as much as possible choose a hotel that is quite close to the tourist attractions that you will visit.

3. Prepare the local cash for the destination country

Before traveling abroad you have to exchange your rupiah money with a country currency that will be your vacation destination. Setting up cash is certainly important to support your needs while abroad and also anticipate if there are not many machines around your destination.